Australian Citizenship Practice Test - A Guide To Succeeding On Your Path To Citizenship

Breathtaking landscapes, diverse culture, and unique wildlife — Australia has it all and is regularly listed as one of the most desirable and livable countries in the world. Australia excels when it comes to quality of life that includes a universal healthcare system, better quality of food, higher wages and shorter working days.

For so many immigrants, Australia is all these and more.

But before you pack your bags, you need to start your immigration journey by passing Australia’s citizenship test.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test - The First Step To Acing The Real Thing!

Australian Citizenship Practice Test They say practice makes perfect, and there’s no denying that completing the Australian Citizenship Practice Test can help you achieve better results.

Just like professional athletes that undergo hours of training, passing the citizenship test requires considerable practice to learn more about the Land Down Under, its core values and basic institutions.

Taking your citizenship test but not sure where to start? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. We provide you with everything you need to know about the Australian Citizenship Practice Test and how it will help you prepare for the real thing — and pass it with flying colors!

Updated Test Questions

You don’t have to worry about unfamiliar questions popping up! Our practice test features revised 2023 questions and updated information that corresponds with the new changes imposed by the Australian Government. All questions are based on the most recent citizenship guide for better test prep.

Comprehensive Practice Tests

With lots of mock tests and hundreds of questions to practice on, our practice test provides you with a trove of knowledge on Australia, its institutions, as well as the values section of the actual test. These questions are designed to mimic the samples provided in the current Our Common Bond document.

Just Like The Real Test

Our practice test follows the structure and layout of the real thing — simulating both multiple choice and true/false questions. By using similar wordings and terms, you get to experience how it feels during the actual citizenship test.

Manage The Challenging Questions

You may find yourself faced with a question that is more difficult than others. Our practice test will help keep track of these questions and help you determine what kind of response is required to answer correctly.

Efficient Preparation

More than just providing you with test questions, our practice test will also give you detailed answers to each question. Every question comes with an instant feedback and explanation — so you can better understand why the chosen answer is the correct one.

Study On The Go

Practice anytime, anywhere! Because our practice test and resources are all online, you can access them anywhere as long as you have an internet connection — so you can study according to your daily schedule.

Pass The Australian Citizenship Test With Flying Colors And Step Into The Future You've Always Dreamed Of!

The citizenship test is one of the most intimidating steps of becoming an Australian citizen. The test often contains information that even most Aussies aren’t familiar with, designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the country, its history, culture and core values.

Proper preparation is essential to passing, and our Australian Citizenship Practice Test ensures that you have everything you need to conquer this step.

Our comprehensive guide is a beginner-friendly study tool that provides complete online resources with a list of the most commonly asked questions, detailed feedback on answers, and an overview of what to expect during the actual test – designed to improve test rates, especially if you’re a first taker.


Fast And Easy: Our 3-Step Process For Passing Your Australian Citizenship Test

Get The Citizenship Guide

When you apply for citizenship, the Australian Government provides you with a study booklet known as Our Common Bond. This will be your primary source of information and study guide — containing everything you need to know about the test before you take it.

The booklet is around 50 pages long and consists of two parts, covering topics that include Australia’s history, government, election and justice system, among others.

The booklet is easily accessible and downloadable online. It also comes in other languages, but we suggest to practice reading the English version since the actual test will be in English.

For applicants with a short attention span, Our Common Bond is also available as a podcast which you can listen to on a daily basis.

Study With Our Practice Tests

While Our Common Bond may provide with the resource material, the ultimate goal is not just to read the information — but understand and master it. This is where our practice test comes in.

Our practice test contains a comprehensive study guide and hundreds of questions in the format and wording that the actual test will use. It gives you a study advantage and helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses.

We recommend taking the test as many times as you can for more efficient study prep.

Get Ready To Pass The Test

Practicing the test not only helps you retain the information you’ve read, it also helps your prepare emotionally so you can walk into the actual test with confidence.

After every question, you get a detailed explanation and feedback so you can understand the answers behind them. With mock tests and hundreds of test questions to practice on, we provide you with one of the best ways to go through the test resources quickly and efficiently.

Reliable, Accessible, Flexible: Why Our Citizenship Practice Test Works

Updated Learning Resources

No surprises, no unfamiliar questions!
Our resources consist of an expansive test database that is designed to cover all the material outlined in the Australian Citizenship Test Guide Handbook – so you are well prepared no matter what question pops up.

We use the most up-to-date study guide, with revised questions based on the 2023 revisions.

Build Stamina

We know the actual citizenship test can be draining, so our practice test is designed to build exam-taking endurance. The more you practice, the easier you’ll find the idea of testing for hours on end.

Master The Quirks Of The Test

Our practice test follows the structure and layout of the real thing — simulating both multiple choice and true/false questions. By using similar wordings and terms, you get to experience how it feels during the actual citizenship test.

By repeatedly testing yourself, you learn the quirks in the format of the citizenship test – allowing you to become more comfortable with the entire process and helps you prepare your own personal study strategies.

The Australian Citizenship Test - What To Expect During The Real Test

In order to take the Australian citizenship test, you must be a permanent resident of the country and must have validly applied for Aussie citizenship. The test fees are already included in your general application, so you do not need to pay extra for the test.

Through this test, the Australian government determines whether you possess the following criteria:

• Basic knowledge of the English language
• Basic understanding of the duties and responsibilities of an Australian citizen
• Knowledge of the country as well as its history, culture, and geography
• Strong commitment to Australian values based on freedom, respect, and equality.

The test format consists of 20 multiple choice questions which must be completed within a time limit of 45 minutes. Each question will present you with 3 possible answers to choose from. The test is completely in English, with the most current revision consisting of new questions based on Australian values.

To successfully pass the test, you have to get a score of at least 75% — that means, you must answer 15 out of the 20 questions correctly.

It's Fast, Easy, And Painless

Identify Knowledge Gaps

When your practice test yields a lower score, we'll help you refocus your study efforts to ensure successful future tests.

Our study guide focuses on the questions you find difficult - so you can go over them and learn the correct answers.

Boost Confidence

We know how important the Australian Citizenship Test is to every applicant, and the pressure can lead to unwanted anxiety.

The best way to ensure maximum comfort when taking the test is to practice. Our practice tests are designed to provide you with the confidence you need on the day of the actual exam -- so you can walk in there knowing you've put in the hard work to achieve success.

Progress Tracking

By taking our practice tests multiple times, we help you establish what study strategies work best for you to retain the information you've studied - detailing which areas you need to focus on.

Refocus Your Study Efforts And Step Up Your Learning With Us!

Our goal is to help you learn, not just study.

While we may not all be great test-takers, our practice tests will give you a study advantage by providing the most updated and comprehensive resources to ace that exam -- especially if it's your first time.

We provide you with real-time updates and detailed feedback for every question - so you can rest easy knowing you understand and retained everything you've read.

Learn At Your Own Pace And Take The Test With Confidence!

By providing all our resources and practice tests online, you can study within your daily schedule and take it as many times as you like.

With hundreds of test questions based on the current guide and formatted to look like the questions in the actual test, you can enter that testing site fully prepared and confident to tackle even the most difficult questions.

Get ready to become an Australian citizen by accessing our free practice test today!