Getting Ready For Australian Citizenship Test

Getting Ready For Australian Citizenship Test

As a part of the process for Australian citizenship by conferral, you may need to have an interview and sit the citizenship test. The test assesses your English language skills and what you know about Australia and Australian citizenship. Here’s how you can prepare.


Questions in the test are based on the topics:


  • Australia and its people.
  • Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties.
  • Government and the law in Australia



How To Prepare:


  • Nobody can tell for sure which questions are going to appear on your test – memorize all the content of the testable section to be safe.
  • Use the recommended resource book.
  • Read the entire testable section once, without trying to memorize anything.
  • Begin studying chapter by chapter once you are familiar with the material – don’t try to memorize everything at once.
  • Take Australian citizenship practice test based on the chapter you have been studying, one at a time.
  • Take free simulation tests that are designed to feel just like the real thing.
  • Read the answers carefully as they will all be very similar – this way you will be able to recognize the right answer among multiple similar options.
  • You should stop studying the day before the test, as you want to allow all the information to sink in.