FREE sample Australian citizenship tests to prepare for the 2020 Citizenship Test. Get ready to PASS the Australian citizenship test NOW! This test questions have three choices each. For you to pass the test, you must get at least 75% of the answers correct. Meaning you must score 15 out of the 20 questions.

Australia's democratic beliefs, rights and liberties

Australia is governed by what system?

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One of the best expressions of Australian "mateship" is…?

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Australian national law can only be changed by…?

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What religions are prohibited in Australia?

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Everyone in Australia is allowed and encouraged to follow their own cultures and beliefs provided they don't…?

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Australians must respect other people's freedom of speech and expression…?

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Australians have freedom of speech unless…?

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Australians should all receive dignity and respect from their fellow citizens unless they are…?

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The heritage of Australia is what?

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The Australian spirit of "mateship" can be most accurately described as what?

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It is a cornerstone of Australia's system of government that change should be…?

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It is central to Australia's system of government that all people are…?

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When you become a citizen, you pledge that you …… Australia's democratic beliefs.

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Which of these organizations are Australians not free to join?

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It is against the law to use freedom of speech to…?

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In which of these examples are Australians allowed to follow the rules of their religion instead of the laws of Australia?

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Australian law applies to everybody except…?

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In Australian culture, a "mate" can be…?

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Australians are expected to respect other people's differences and choices…?

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The Australian Parliament has to answer to the people of Australia through…?

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Australian citizens in need can expect help from…?

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What is the national religion of Australia?

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Could You Pass The Australian Citizenship Test

For adults seeking to be Australian citizens, it is compulsory for you to pass a test before their citizenship is approved. The department of immigration and citizenship in Australia receives thousands of applications annually. Although most of these applications are successful, a good number of them are declined for various reasons, such as failing the citizenship test.

sample Australian citizenship testThe 20 multiple-choice test helps the authorities know that the applicant does understand Australia as a country, how it functions in terms of governance as well as responsibilities and values held by its people.

Note that the questions that you will be asked on The Australian citizenship test are based on the ‘Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.’ This is a resource book that was formulated by The Department of Home Affairs for those applying for citizenship.

Being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There is no argument why anyone wouldn’t want to be an Australian citizen. But, could you pass The Australian citizenship test?

For those who are considering booking The citizenship test, here is a sample Australian citizenship testto gauge your knowledge and understanding of The ‘Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond’.

Smple Australian Citizenship Test

1. Who maintains peace, law, and order in Australia?

a. Police

b. Lawyers

c. Public Servants

2. Which arm of the government is mandated with maintaining law and order?

a. Executive

b. Judicial

c. Legislative

3. What contains the rules that govern Australia is known as?

a. The Australian Commonwealth

b. The Australian Common Book

c. The Australian Constitution

4. The Australian Aboriginal flag contains which set of colours described below?

a. Yellow, black and red

b. Green, blue and white

c. Yellow, red and green

5. According to the Australian Constitution, which of the following shows an instance of free speech?

a. The people have a right to demonstrate for their rights

b. Australians can follow religions of their choice

c. The court of law should treat both genders unequally

6. Anzac day reminds Australians of?

a. The first governor general was appointed

b. The day the New Zealand and Australian Army cops landed at Turkey

c. Australia’s independence

7. Amongst The three choices below, which one is the role of The Governor-General?

a. Appoint state premiers

b. Appoint the head of state

c. Sign bills passed by parliament

8. Out of the three choices below, choose the role of an Australian adult citizen?

a. Have an Australian passport

b. Participate in local gatherings

c. Vote in referendums and choosing of leaders

9. Out of these options, choose the one that is true about state governments

a. Every state has its constitution

b. All states share the same Constitution

c. The states don’t have a constitution

10. Pick the choice that is correct about Australia’s government?

a. The queen is tasked with choosing People to form The Australian parliament

b. The government is elected by the people

c. The prime minister chooses members of parliament

11. 1st January 1901 marks the day when?

a. Australia had its first election

b. Australia gained independence from its colonial ruler

c. The Australian Constitution came into effect

12. Who is Australia’s head of state?

a. Queen Elizabeth II

b. The prime minister

c. The governor-general

13. Choose the correct definition of a referendum?

a. An election to remove the governor general from office

b. An act of democracy by the people to amend the constitution

c. An election to remove the prime minister

14. Select the symbol of Australia that identifies it as a commonwealth property?

a. Commonwealth coat of arms

b. National anthem

c. Australia’s national flower

15. Where did early free settlers in Australia come from?

a. Great Britain

b. India

c. Torres Strait Islands

16. Where did the first fleet land in Australia?

a. Botany Bay

b. Melbourne

c. Sydney Harbour

17. Who is the head of government in Australia?

a. Governor-General

b. Prime Minister

c. Federal Parliament

18. Who is the head of the government of territories in Australia?

a. Premier

b. Chief Minister

c. Mayor

19. Where was gold discovered in Australia in 1851?

a. Western Australia and Queensland

b. Victoria and New South Wales

c. Victoria and Tasmania

20. Which arm of government enacts laws in Australia?

a. Executive

b. Judiciary

c. Legislature

Answers: 1a, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5c, 6b, 7c, 8c, 9a, 10b, 11c, 12a, 13b, 14a, 15a, 16c, 17b, 18b, 19a, 20c

What was your score? If you got more than 15, congratulations, and you are ready to take The Australian citizenship test. However, if you got less than that, it is high time for you to go back and familiarize yourself with the content in the resource guides. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with famous personalities, important dates in Australian history, and any relevant detail that might pop up in your test.