An important part of the application process for becoming a Australian citizen is passing a citizenship test. We offer up to date FREE mock citizenship test to assist you in best preparing for the test.

Government and the Law in Australia - 02

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The highest authority in a court is a judge or a?

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Forestry in Australia comes under the supervision of?

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Which level of government is responsible for airports and their safety?

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Employment policy is made by which level of government?

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The Council of Australian Government exists to do what?

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Animal control in Australia is the responsibility of?

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The Australian Government is formed by the party or coalition that holds a majority in?

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Which of these crimes does not come under the remit of the Australian Federal Police?

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Which of these is not a major political party in Australia?

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Roads and road traffic control in Australia comes under the responsibility of?

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How many representatives in total are elected to the Senate?

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Attempting to bribe a police officer in Australia is?

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Policing in the Australian Capital Territory is the responsibility of?

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Having a gun in Australia is restricted to?

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Who has responsibility for the railways in Australia?

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Which of these is forbidden when driving in Australia?

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Hospitals and health services are the responsibility of?

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To be passed by Parliament, a bill must have a majority in...?

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To become law, a bill has to be signed by?

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Everyone appearing before a court in Australia has the right to?

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The Queen's representative in the Northern Territory is called what?

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In Australia, a person is considered innocent until?

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Which level of government is responsible for postal services?

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Violence is regarded as a crime in Australia except?

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A jury in Australia is made up of?

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The government appoints judges and magistrates, but it cannot?

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The courts in Australia are?

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Immigration policy is made by which level of government?

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Social planning in Australia is the responsibility of?

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Food safety in Australia is the responsibility of?

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The police force is the responsibility of?

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How to Know When You’re Ready for the Citizenship Test

The Australian citizenship test is compulsory for anyone who wants to attain the nationality of the country. However, before you can start worrying about how are ready you are for the test; you must ensure that you are eligible. The test is in English and applicants must be between 18 years and 59 years old.

It was inducted more than a decade ago in 2007 and 2018; it was adjusted to limit the number of tests you can within a specified period. Before this was changed, migrants were allowed to take the test as many times as they wanted. You must pass for you to get Australian citizenship and therefore, you should only take it when sure that you are 100% ready for it.

What Do You Need To Sit For The Test?

Put your papers in order

When preparing for the test, make sure you have all your original documents in order. Besides, be prepared to verify your identity and confirm your eligibility for the test. Every year thousands of people apply for the citizenship test. Some of them fail due to a lack of proper preparations or are declined due to other reasons.

Take Your Time to Study

The test consists of 20 questions with multiple answers, and they are mostly related to the country’s government, law, culture, values, and much more. This test is part of your application to become an Australian citizen, and it’s therefore essential that you know what to provide as answers. Some other things that you need to pass the exam include:

  • Be fluent in English as the exam comes in this language.
  • Know and comprehend what being an Australian citizen means
  • Have enough knowledge regarding citizen privileges and responsibilities of Australians.

Mock Citizenship TestGet to know what expect on the D-Day

The day when you choose to take the test is a big one and extremely important. While you may be excited to take this huge step, anxiety and panic can easily kick in. Australia is a great country to work and live and losing the chance to become a legal citizen cab to be crushing. Here are some of the things you can do to ease the day and enhance your chances of passing the test.

  • Get to the test centre on time.
  • Answer questions asked the stuff you find at the centre.
  • Have the ability to prove your identity
  • Have your original documents with you.
  • Take a clear photo of yourself.
  • Make sure you are mentally, emotionally and physically ready for the test.

The Rules of the Citizenship Rule

When going for the test, do not bring ant resource materials. All your personal belongings are left under a safe desk. The rues include:

  • You should turn off the phone and leave it with your other belongings before entering the test room.
  • Avoid talking to other candidates. No books or materials are allowed
  • Avoid copying what other students are doing.
  • Finish your test before time is over(it should take 45 minutes)
  • Raise a hand to alert the staff that you need some help, especially with the computer.

Failure to follow the rules leads to disqualification. Those who are fluent in English can apply for the assisted test.

What Happens When You Pass The Test?

If you pass the test, you continue with citizen application. Once approved, you receive an invitation to the citizen ceremony. This happens within six months after your application is approved.

If you are unlucky and end up failing the exam, you can rebook the exam or retake it as soon as you wish to. However, you only have three chances to try the test, and if you fail all three, you have to wait for long years to resubmit your application.


If you find some of the questions hard, it means you did not invest enough time in preparation for the test. If you fail, go through various study books and understand the topic better. You will find sites offering questions about Australia, and the mock citizenship test will help you get ready effectively. They help you identify your mistakes and weaknesses.

In the original test, the answers are confusing, and you must have adequate preparation to pass the Australian citizenship examination. It is easy since the questions have multiple answers, which helps you answer correctly, mainly if you studied well before sitting for the exam.