The free Australian citizenship test encompasses 20 questions that have to be answered in 45 minutes. It is computer-based, and it’s in English. These test questions have three choices each. For you to pass the test, you must get at least 75% of the answers correct. Meaning you must score 15 out of the 20 questions.


Australia states and territories

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The Australian Parliament and High Court are located in which city?

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Australian icons the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are in which Australian state?

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What is the capital of South Australia?

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Which of these is the main town close to the centre of Australia?

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What proportion of the population of Western Australia lives in the state capital?

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The Australian Capital Territory lies between which two cities?

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Which is the smallest mainland Australian state?

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The largest Australian state is what?

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What is the capital of Queensland?

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The smallest of all Australian states is?

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Tasmania is separated from the Australian mainland by which strait?

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The Commonwealth of Australia contains how many states?

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What is the capital of New South Wales?

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The Commonwealth of Australia contains how many mainland territories?

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What is the capital of Victoria?

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What is the capital of Western Australia?

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The great barrier reef runs along the coast of which Australian state?

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What is the capital of the Australian Capital Territory?

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South Australia is famous for its production of?

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What is the capital of Northern Territory?

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Which of these is the capital of Australia?

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What is the capital of Tasmania?

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8 Tips To Ace Using Free Australian Citizenship Test

Adults looking forward to being Australian citizens have to pass the citizenship test before getting approved. Here are essential tips to ace your Australian citizenship test.

First, what the test will be like:

The citizenship test is meant to evaluate if you’ve adequate knowledge about Australia. You should know your freedoms, rights, and responsibilities. Typically, the complexity of the questions you’ll be asked, and your evaluation process is partly based on:

  • Your age
  • Your educational attainment
  • Your background
  • Study opportunities available to you
  • How long you’ve lived in Australia
  • Other factors influencing your understanding and knowledge

free australian citizenship testWhat to expect in the exam

Here’s what to expect from the Australian citizenship test:

Civics citizenship test

To pass the citizenship test, you must be able to show adequate understanding and knowledge of the Australian government and history by answering 20 questions and scoring 75% and above. You should also know:

  • Australians’ history
  • Politics and political history
  • Form of government
  • Symbols
  • Social and cultural history

English exam

The English test consists of three parts: a reading exam, an oral exam, and a writing test. For the writing and reading tests, they will be conducted with a digital tablet, which an immigration officer shows you how to use it before you begin.

Although it is helpful to be flawless in English pronunciation and excellent in grammar and spelling skills, it’s acceptable if you aren’t perfect in any of these areas. Typically, the English test uses basic vocabulary and grammar, and the immigration officers issuing the exam expect that many people will make some common mistakes — still, its good to be prepared to be better than most.

How to ace your citizenship test

Now that you know what’s expected in the exam, let’s dive right into how to nail the test:

Study ahead of time and understand

Chances are that you might get distracted by different issues when the test is around the corner, and reading ahead of time can help you avoid such issue. Besides, understanding the material is essential to passing the test. Read online, look for an MP3 version, or download the PDF or eBook to familiarize yourself with potential questions.

Ask for help

Studying with others can help you understand some concepts better. Ask friends, a family member, or take a review class. This enables asking questions and discussing different points to improve your memory retention.

Consider online tests

Online tests can help practice what you read. From answering possible questions that you might come across, these practice test websites usually offer additional coaching and review materials for free.

Know the venue and carry the right documents

You should confirm the venue of the test to avoid getting stranded on the examination day. Also, gather the necessary documents and confirm all of them in the letter inviting you to the exam to avoid forgetting. Remember to carry that letter too.

Arrange for your child care on the examination day

You will not be allowed to carry your child with you on the examination day. So make arrangements of where you’ll leave him/her.

Ask for a whole day off from work

Taking a day off from work allows you ample time to do the test freely. The test can take about 30 minutes, but it isn’t easy to determine the time needed to process the exam and interview. Sometimes, you might wait for a long time if there are many examinees.

Arrive early

It would help if you tried to arrive early enough, about 15-30 minutes before time. This is because you will not be allowed in the exam room when you arrive late and you’ll have to wait for 2-3 weeks for the next exam.

Read and understand the questions

During the test, take your time and read each question and understand. If you come across a difficult question, you should not remain on it for a longer period, move on to the next and try to answer it later. Note: please attempt all questions to increase your odds.

The Takeaway

By passing the Australian citizenship test, you will show that you understand the commitment you’re making by taking the pledge. The above tips are here to help you prepare for the citizenship test and start your journey to living your Australian dream. Well, Good Luck!