The test encompasses 20 questions that have to be answered in 45 minutes. It is computer-based, and it’s in English. The Australian citizenship test questions have three choices each. For you to pass the test, you must get at least 75% of the answers correct. Meaning you must score 15 out of the 20 questions.


Australia and its people

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Gold was discovered in New South Wales and Victoria in which year?

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The first group of European settlers arrived in Australia on which precise date?

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The majority of the first free settlers in Australia came from Great Britain and ?

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The earliest European settlers were mainly?

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Historically, Aboriginal people came from mainland Australia and where?

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The national language of Australia is what?

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The population of Australia today is around?

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Which event caused significant migration from non-British countries into Australia?

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In what year did the colonies unite into the Commonwealth of Australia?

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There were programs in the first half of the 20th century to encourage migrants from which country to settle in Australia?

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What was the name of the first governor of the first European colony?

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Because of the Australian gold rush, the first large group of migrants who were not Europeans appeared, coming from where?

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At your citizenship ceremony, you will pledge loyalty to Australia and?

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Across Australia, more than how many languages are spoken?

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The first European settlers mainly settled in which state?

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How many ships were there carrying the first group of European settlers?

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The first group of European settlers were sent by the British government as part of an effort to solve the problems of what?

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Torres Strait Islanders come from the islands to the north of?

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Following the gold rush, the population of Australia doubled in?

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The earliest inhabitants of Australia were the Aboriginal and which other peoples?

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More than what percentage of today's Australians were born overseas?

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Australia is best described as?

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The ships that first established European settlement in Australia are called the First?

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When the Commonwealth of Australia was formed, the population of Australia, not counting the indigenous people, was around?

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Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for up to...?

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Which of these cultures has a longer continuous history than Australia's indigenous people?

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Indigenous Australian culture has a deep connection with?

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The first group of European settlers arrived in Australia in which year?

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The Australian Citizenship Test Questions: Common Q & A You Should Know

Today, many people are interested in becoming Australian citizens. That’s because life in this country is hassle-free and comfortable. Not to mention, there are endless opportunities for individuals to grow career-wise and also personal growth. For this reason, Australia’s immigration department receives numerous applications from people who want to move to this country.

But, to have Australian citizenship, one must do several things before they’re approved. First, you have to deal with documentation and paperwork. Then after getting acceptance from your application process, applicants are called for a Citizenship interview and test. It is therefore wise that you prepare for this interview. Fortunately, questions asked are simple, if you follow guidelines on the resource book.

If you’re preparing for your test, we will go through some of the most common questions asked and how to answer them correctly. Keep reading this guide to learn more about that.

Australian Citizenship Test QuestionsFirst, What Is the Australian Citizenship Test?

There are two ways for a person to acquire Australian citizenship: by birth or conferral. Applicants seeking citizenship through the latter method must sit for a citizenship test. This test assesses your knowledge of Australia as well as privileges and responsibilities of citizenship. It also assesses your knowledge of the English language.

It is essential that applicants attend this test, or otherwise, they will not be considered citizens of this country. Now there are some requirements that one should meet to qualify for these examinations. These include: applicants should be between 18-59 years old. Applicants should also bring original documents they used when applying for citizenship as well as a photograph of themselves to this test. Those who don’t have pictures should allow the government to take one.

Usually, this test lasts for 45 minutes. And unlike previous times, where one had to score 60%, nowadays, individuals have to score at least 75%. These exams are administered using a computer under the supervision of a staff member. You are also advised to familiarize yourself with test room rules and also keep time.

What Happens After the Test?

Well, your results will be displayed on your computer once you are done. For those who pass this test, they’ll receive an approval letter, that is, if they meet all requirements set for Australian citizenship. Then, they’ll have to wait another six months or more for another letter inviting them to their approval ceremony. If you don’t attend this ceremony to take a pledge, you’ll not be considered an Australian citizen. Retaking is allowed for those who fail this test. One can redo it on the same day or they can schedule it for another time. You are allowed to take at most three tests. Note that if one fails these three tests consecutively, they’ll have to wait for two years before redoing the test again.

General Information about Citizenship Interview and Test

Citizenship interview appointments are held at immigration offices in the capital cities of Australia. But they can be held in the Human Service Department in regional areas. Note that childcare facilities are not available in these offices. Therefore, one should make arrangements for these services, if needed. Applicants pay no fees for interviews or citizenship tests as charges are included in the application cost that they pay initially.

Ideas about Test Questions

Applicants appearing for these examinations should have a significant understanding of Australia’s government, history and citizens. Students often prepare themselves early before their test. Questions are from a range of topics. Note that personal questions, as well as family background, can also be asked. It is wise that you read the resource book thoroughly to get a clue of topics that might be asked. That said, here are common Australian Citizenship test questions and their answers.


  1. How are elected representatives of a state territory called in the Australian Parliament?
  2. Which historical event took place on 1 January 1901?
  3. Who was the first governor of the colony of New South Wales?
  4. Name the bottom half color of the Australian Aboriginal flag
  5. When are citizenship ceremonies held?
  6. What is represented by union jack in the Australian flag?
  7. What colors are on the Australian flag?
  8. What does Anzac day mean?
  9. Which event is celebrated on 25 April every year?
  10. Name Australia’s official flags


  1. Senator
  2. Colonies merged into a federation of states
  3. Captain Arthur Philip
  4. Red
  5. Australia Day
  6. History of British settlement in Australia
  7. White, Blue and Red
  8. It is named after Australian and New Zealand Corps army. It is a day that they landed at Gallipoli
  9. Anzac day
  10. Torres Strait Islander, Australian National and Australian Aboriginal flags


The Australian citizenship test is simple. As long as you have thoroughly read and understood the information on the resource book, you’re likely to pass it. However, ensure that you have prepared enough for this test. Not just by extensive reading but also by having enough rest and eating well before taking this exam. The Australian citizenship practice test will help one get a hint of what is often asked in the Australian citizenship test.