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Government and the Law in Australia - 01

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Legislative power in Australia rests with whom?

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The Australian system of Parliamentary democracy is based on that of which country?

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The Australian Constitution was originally passed by?

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If you fail to vote in Australian federal election, you will be sanctioned in what way?

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The Australian Parliament consists of the House of Representatives and?

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Which of these can influence the decisions of the Australian Electoral Commission?

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The Commonwealth agency that conducts federal elections and referendums is called what?

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For a bill passed by the Australian Parliament to become law, it must receive?

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The Australian Government is also known as the Federal Government or?

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Your elected representatives have to take into account suggestions from...?

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Leaders of local councils are called mayor or ...?

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The House of Representatives has how many MPs?

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Before 1901, all Australian colonies followed?

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Each state has how many representatives in the Senate?

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The Parliament of Australia is made up of how many houses?

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The Australian Constitution can only be changed by?

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The Senate is sometimes known as?

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In the Australian states, the Queen is represented by?

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The leader of government in an Australian State is called what?

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For the Constitution to be changed by referendum, there must be a majority in favour of?

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The only time you have to disclose who you voted for in Australia is?

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The Queen is represented in Australia by?

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Members of both Houses of Parliament are elected via?

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How many representatives does each mainland territory elect to the Senate?

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Which of these is not part of the Executive in Australia?

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Australia's head of state is whom?

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Someone elected to represent a state or territory in the Australian Parliament is called what?

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The system of government in Australia is a?

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Australia's courts and judges are...?

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The leader of government in an Australian Territory is called what?

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Is the Australian Citizen Test Hard?

Australia is a sovereign country which consists of the main land Australia, islands of Tasmania and other small islands. The Australian citizenship test is compulsory for those seeking to become legal citizens in the country. The test is not hard, but you have to prepare yourself properly before you attempt it. This test is mainly about the people, geography, laws, government, values and beliefs, symbols, and traditions of Australia. Besides, it includes questions regarding the privileges along with responsibilities that come with Australian citizenship.

Australian citizen testAbout the Citizenship Test

This test is computer-based and comes in English. The questions are 20 and must be answered within a limited time of 45 minutes. The test has multiple choices with three possible answers. If the question is a true or false one, it comes with two possible answers, and to pass the test, you have to attain over 75%. This means you must answer 15 or more questions correctly.

Most of the questions are derived from a book titled Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. However, there will be more questions regarding Australian values. They are not based on this book, and they seek to test the commitment and understanding of migrants regarding things such as religious freedom and gender equality.

What You Need To Take the Test

For you to take Australian citizenship, you must meet the following:

  • You must have applied to become an Australian citizen.
  • Must be residing in Australia permanently.
  • Have identification proof when requesting for the test.
  • Provide a clear photo or have one taken by the government.

The Australian test is not for everyone. The following people cannot take it:

  • Those who are over 60 or below 18
  • Anyone with a substantial cognitive and severe physical disability cannot take the test.
  • If you were born by a former Australian citizen.
  • If your date birth falls before 16th September 1975 to a couple where one of them is a citizen of Australia.
  • Anyone who is stateless though their country of birth in Australia.

How much does the Australian citizenship test cost?

The test doesn’t cost anything, and so you need not worry about any charges. Once you are done with the test, you will receive an email or a letter showing the time and where you took the test. The waiting time varies depending on where you took the test.

What Happens When You Fail The Test?

It is possible to fail the Australian citizenship test. But, it’s not the end of the world; you can book another one as soon as you wish to. To avoid failing again, take your time to study. However, if you fail more than three times, you have to wait for two years before you can choose another. Before 1st July 2018, migrants were allowed to take the test as many times as they wished to.

Even though the Australian citizenship test is not hard, you should take time to study the resource book and practice the test a lot. Be sure to have proper rest and get to the test center on time. This will increase your chances of passing the exam.