Test yourself using our free citizenship practice test. Use these practice tests to study for your Australia Citizenship Test. All questions are based on the official test study guide ‘Our Common Bond’.

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Those who work for the Australian government are members of the?

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If an Australian citizen gets into difficulties when abroad, they should look for an Australian?

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Which of these is it compulsory for Australians to do?

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In Australia, tax is paid on money earned from?

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It is permissible to treat people differently in Australia on the grounds of?

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The Australian belief in equality is expressed in the phrase?

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Australians have to obey the law of Australia?

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If an Australian citizen has a child who was born overseas, they can?

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Paying tax in Australia is?

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Which of these is not a branch of the Australian Defence Force?

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You can participate in Australian society by?

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If an Australian citizen has children born overseas, they can be registered as Australian citizens themselves?

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For migrants, serving in the Australian Defence force is?

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Under what circumstances does an Australian citizen need a visa to return to Australia having been overseas?

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Australian citizens can stand for federal, state, or territory parliaments once they reach what age?

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All Australians must register their name and address on the electoral roll when they turn?

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Parliamentary candidates have to be?

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The opportunity to go to university is open to?

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Serving on a jury when asked is compulsory for anybody over the age of?

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In some Australian states, it is not compulsory to vote in?

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Which Australians can be summoned for jury service?

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Men and women are equal in Australia?

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Prepare with Citizenship Practice Test

If you want to become an Australian citizen, you must pass an Australian citizenship test. It usually consists of 20 questions administered in the English language, each with multiple choices. One is required to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly for him/her to pass this test. But even though individuals are given another chance to retake the test if they fail, many people would want to pass it on their first trial.

Students should, therefore, prepare for this test before sitting for it. It’s essential that one follows a systematic process when studying to help them pass the citizenship examination. It’ll also be wise if you tried to solve several sample papers before appearing for the actual exams. Fortunately, the citizenship test preparation process isn’t complicated. Individuals need to learn a few things about living in Australia and the Australian government to succeed in their exams. Here are some tips to help you prepare for this test.

Citizenship Practice TestEnsure That You’ve Qualified to Take the Test

It wouldn’t be wise to start revising for an exam without knowing whether you are eligible for it in the first place. Therefore, one should make sure that they are qualified for it. For you to do this test, you must be an Australian permanent resident and have applied for Australian citizenship. Individuals must also show proof of their identity when registering for these exams. Again, if you haven’t carried a picture of yourself, the government will need to take one.

Note that this test is not compulsory for everyone, as there are exceptions. Some people don’t need to take this exam. They include:

  • Someone who does not belong to any state and was born in Australia.
  • Those under or over 18 and 60, respectively.
  • Those who were born in Papua before 16th/09/1975 and have a parent who was born in Australia.
  • Someone who’s suffering from a cognitive/physical disability that prevents them from doing these examinations.
  • Those who have one parent who is a former Australian citizen.

Prepare Documents and Be Punctual

Individuals should bring original documents they used when applying for citizenship to this test. You’ll also give a photograph of yourself and a completed identity declaration form. It’s thus essential that you make sure all these documents are in order.

Additionally, those who arrive late for this test will have to reschedule it for another day. It’s thus wise that one familiarizes themselves with the test location. Also, you should know what time it’ll start and how long it’ll take so you can plan your day.

Know the Test Room Rules

Well, like any other examination, this one has some set of rules outlined too. Knowing them will help you prepare and pass your test. These rules include:

  • Exams strictly take 45 minutes.
  • No resource materials such as notes, books, etc. are allowed in the exam room.
  • Personal belongings should be put under your desk until you finish the test.
  • Electronic devices should be turned off.
  • No discussions. If you have any questions, one can talk to a test administrator.

It’s essential that you understand these rules since those who don’t follow them won’t take the exams.

Know What Happens During This Test

The Australian citizenship test is administered on a computer. A test administrator can guide those who don’t know how to use a computer. There are also staff members who can assist individuals who have a cognitive/physical disability which hinders them from doing this exam on their own. Again, a staff member can help those with poor English literacy skills. However, they won’t answer questions on your behalf. Students take Standard or Assisted Test.

Tips for Passing This Test

  • Revise using the resource book and take the practice citizenship test before your examination day.
  • Eat and sleep well before your test so that you don’t get distracted.
  • Be punctual.
  • Please read and understand all the questions asked before answering them.

What Happens After Doing This Exam?

Once you’re done, your performance will show on your computer. These results are recorded under one’s citizenship application. You’ll then be given all your documents back and asked to wait for the outcome.

An approval letter is sent to those who meet all the requirements for an Australian citizenship. Then, one will again wait for another letter, usually sent six months after the approval letter, which shows date, time as well as the location for one’s citizen ceremony. If you don’t attend this ceremony to take the pledge, you’ll not be considered an Australian citizen.

Note that those who fail this test can still redo it either on the same day or schedule it for another time. There are no additional charges for repeating the test. However, if someone fails this examination three times, they’ll have to wait for at least two years before retaking.

Final Thoughts

The Australian citizenship test is a requirement for those who want to be citizens of this country. It assesses one’s knowledge of the Australian government, people, geography, culture, values, and beliefs. Migrants should, therefore, prepare adequately for this test so that they pass it. Fortunately, there are many online training programs for those who need help preparing for their Australian Citizenship Test.