Tips & Advice On Preparing For The Australian Citizenship Test

Since the Australian citizenship program started in the year 1949, more than 5 million people have been able to acquire Australian citizenship. While permanent residents of Australia can study, work, and live in the country, they are not entitled to an Australian passport. The residents do not get the right to enter the Australian territory automatically and must acquire a valid visa for it. Australian citizens get the country’s passport and the right to vote in the federal and state elections of Australia. They can enter or leave the country freely upon their will. Acquiring Australian citizenship will bring you all the rights and privileges that come with it.

Study For Citizenship Exam

Know More About the Australian Citizenship Test

One of the important tests that you should pass successfully to acquire citizenship in Australia is the Australian citizenship test. The test is available in English language only. However, information about the test is available in many different languages and on the immigration website of the government of Australia. There is no extra cost for the test and it is all covered for the money (approx. $ 485) that you pay for applying for Australian citizenship. Below are the important subject areas of the test.

  • Basic English language skills.
  • Understanding the meaning of being a citizen of Australia.
  • Knowledge about the country of Australia and the privileges and responsibilities of being an Australian citizen.
  • An understanding of the values of Australia such as equality, respect, freedom of speech, and democracy among others, and a commitment to practice them.

More details are available in the Australian “Our Common Bond” informative booklet. It is available freely on the internet as well.


The Update

The Australian citizenship test was updated a few years back. Some new subjects and questions were included to ensure that those who want to be Australian citizens are aware of certain Australian values including:

  • Rule of law.
  • Freedom of speech.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Equal opportunity.
  • Democracy.

Those aspiring to be Australian citizens should not only understand these values and principles of the Australian nation but also commit to them. Out of the twenty questions of the Australian citizenship test, 5 are from these values. If you obtain a score of 75 percent or more, you pass the test. Some of the examples of the value-based questions that may prop up in the test include:

  • Why is it important for Australians to vote in the Federal and State elections?
  • Why learning English is important?
  • Should people freely choose whom they want to marry?


Tips and Advice for Passing the Australian Citizenship Test

As stated, the Australian citizenship test is based on the Australian “Our Common Bond” information booklet. Once you apply for Australian citizenship and the test, you will receive the booklet in your email as well. The four important sections are given of the book are given below.

A: Australia and the people of the country.

  1. Democratic liberties, rights, and beliefs of Australia.
  2. Law and the governance structure in Australia.
  3. Values of the people of Australia.

A total of 20 questions will be asked in the test out of these four sections. You pass the test when you obtain 75% marks. All the candidates get a total time of 45 minutes for the test. To pass the test successfully you can follow the tips and advice given below.

  1. Read the “Our Common Bond” booklet Fully

When you want to pass the Australian citizenship test successfully, you should read the Our Common Bond booklet carefully and thoroughly. It is available on the immigration website of the government of Australia. You should cover all the sections one by one, and also take notes wherever you like and require. The book is 50 pages. If you have the notes, you can easily go through the highlighted points and need not read the whole book again for everything you need to recall. The book is the main source of knowledge and information for all the questions that you would be facing in the citizenship test in Australia. If you can read and memorize it well enough, you can be confident of passing the test.

  1. Listen Intently to the Podcast “Our Common Bond”

Another valuable resource available to you when you want to pass the Australian citizenship test is the Our Common Bond podcast. You can easily download it to your device and listen to it anytime you want. The podcast is available on the immigration website of the Government of Australia and on the internet. There are a total of 5 episodes, and they are not exceptionally long. You can listen to the entire podcast multiple times to not only know and understand the content but also memorize and remember it.

  1. Do the Practice Tests

Like all other resources you need to prepare for the Australian citizenship test (including the Our Common Bond book and the podcast), the immigration website of Australia also has the practice tests for you. You can also take this Australian citizenship practice test. The test questions would not change even when you take it multiple Times. However, you will not get the same questions in the real exam and test for Australian citizenship.

  1. Use Apps

There are many apps available on Android as well as iOS platforms that can help you prepare better for the Australian citizenship test and exam based on the “Our Common Bond” information base and booklet. If you use the apps, you will find an even greater diversity of questions. After reading the booklet, you can download some of these apps and practice many different kinds of questions to gain better expertise in all four components and subject areas of the test. These apps are available for free, and you do not have to spend anything to download them or practice tests on them.

Common Sense Questions

Many of the questions that you would find in your Australian citizenship test and exam would be common-sense questions that any aware individual can answer. For instance, you may have certain questions based on social media and its abuse, which is common knowledge nowadays. However, that test is not entirely easy, and you need good knowledge of the information shared in the “Our Common Bond” booklet to pass the test successfully. For instance, you need to be aware of the important dates in Australian history as well as important aspects of Australian governance. All the information relevant to the test is given in the booklet.

  1. Learn English

The Australian citizenship test will test your knowledge of English. While the test has questions to judge basic English abilities only, it is better that you prepare for it. You can go through a few grammar lessons and understand the various aspects of it (including parts of speech and sentence structure, among others). Some practice and learning will ensure that you are confident to succeed when you face questions for testing English language skills. English is also the national language of the country of Australia. While the country does not have any official language, English is the most commonly spoken and used language in the country. If you are planning to acquire citizenship in Australia and want to move to the country, it is good that you are proficient in English speaking and writing. Knowledge of English will not only help in your profession but in your daily life and activities as well

  1. Be On Time

You should ensure that you are not late for the test and are there a few minutes early. It will ensure that you gather your place and seat for taking the exam in time and have a few minutes to relax before you answer the examination questions. Being punctual and on time is also an important quality that you should possess to succeed in life.


What If Someone Doesn’t Pass the Test?

The results of your 45-minute Australian citizenship examination will be out right at the end of the examination. Those who fail to pass the test in the first instance can take a second test at the same time and place. However, if you fail to pass the test again and multiple times, you will have to reschedule the test and take it on some other date. If it happens to you, ensure that you are well-read and have gone through all the valuable information and knowledge for the test to ace it the next time. Fortunately, the failure of an applicant in the Australian citizenship test and the exam would not impact his or her Australian immigration and citizenship application.

You can pass the test easily if you can give some time and effort to it and can prepare for it well enough in the very first instance. You should try to pass the test the very first time and the first attempt itself, which will save you time and money.



There are many different resources available that can help you prepare well for the Australian citizenship test. The questions of the test are based on the “Our Common Bond” information booklet. Some can be common-sense questions as well. You can go through the practice tests, podcasts, and booklet to learn about the various aspects of Australia and its people. You must give enough time and effort for preparing for the test and obtain at least 75% marks to acquire Australian citizenship.