Corporate Migration - Why Australia is Attracting Workers and Companies from Around the World

Workers go where the jobs are, and businesses go to places where they can find skilled workers, the latest technology, and the friendliest tax policies. For all these reasons, Australia has been growing and attracting both businesses and eager workers for many years.

The trend in corporate migration shows no signs of slowing down, and many skilled workers and recent college graduates are looking for a way to make Australia their home. Those skilled workers and highly educated men and women are helping the Australian economy grow and thrive, even more, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits local and multinational corporations, employers and employees, and average Australians alike.

Corporate migration is a positive thing for all involved, but that does not mean the process is easy or free of red tape. The Australian migration system can seem complicated and hard to navigate, especially for an outsider. Whether you are a new college graduate looking for a great start in the stunning Australian countryside, a business owner looking for new opportunities and lower taxes or a skilled worker in search of a new start, migration to Australia can make a lot of sense.

Corporate Migration

If you are an individual looking for job opportunities in Australia, contacting a corporate migration specialist should be your first step. The country of Australia has some very specific work visa requirements, and the paperwork involved can sometimes be confusing. Having an experienced migration expert in your corner can make settling in Australian and finding suitable employment much easier. Australia values skilled workers, and the companies who do business there are always looking for ways to grow their workforces and build on the skill sets they already have in place.

The importation and relocation of educated men and women and highly skilled workers is one part of the corporate migration picture, but the other side of the coin may be even more important. After all, there would be no jobs for those highly skilled immigrants if there were no businesses in Australia. Corporate migration requires quality businesses – and business owners who recognize the many advantages of setting their companies up within the borders of Australia.

As with individuals and ordinary workers seeking to settle in Australia, business owners who want to take advantage of the tax savings and high growth rate here are likely to need some help. Those business owners can start by contacting a corporate migration specialist who can guide them through the process and help them deal with the required paperwork. Australia is big on business, and the country wants quality companies. A corporate migration specialist can help those companies make their businesses – and the country of Australia – even stronger.

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How to Get an Australian Work Permit

Australia is one of the most attractive countries to explore in the world. As one of the largest developed countries, it offers a diverse environment for vacation travel and work. With a work and holiday visa program, American citizens can explore the full benefits of the Aussie culture by taking up casual employment opportunities in Australia to supplement their travel costs. The program came into effect in October 2007, as a way of promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. It enables young Americans to experience the rich and diverse culture of Australia in an affordable arrangement.  

Visa Requirements

Australian Work Permit US citizens planning to temporarily visit and work in Australia must meet several requirements to be eligible for the work and holiday visa. Age is a primary requirement. The visitor must be between 18 and 30 years old to apply for the visa; you can apply at anytime before your 31st birthday. You are also required to submit your application and receive the visa while residing outside Australia. Applications must also be accompanied by proof of enrollment in a post-secondary course, any post-secondary qualification, or a college degree. Any college student can apply. You will also need to be in possession of a return ticket or have sufficient funds in your bank for a return ticket and to cover your stay in Australia before you get a job.

How to Apply for a Visa

Application for the visa can simply be done online at the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website. Online applications normally take about 48 hours to process. There are several online companies capable of assisting you through the entire process at a small fee. You might also download a hard copy application form from the website.

You need to have a few documents at hand before applying for the visa. These include copies of your passport’s biodata pages, birth certificate, and two passport-size photographs taken recently. Once your application is submitted, the Australian Immigration Department will get in touch with you to verify further details about health, police record, and financial status. This communication can easily be done via email.

The application fee for the visa is normally $230 AUD. You will, however, be required to submit evidence that you have at least $5,000 AUD in your bank account to support you during the first days of your stay in Australia. A certified copy of your latest bank statement will do. If you have served in the military, you may be asked to submit a certified copy of your discharge papers or your military record. Certified copies in this case refer to copies of original documents stamped by a justice of the peace, a commissioner for declarations, or a person with equivalent authority. You do not need to send original documents or testimonials along with your application.

Validity of the Visa

With a work and holiday visa, you will be eligible to enter Australia whenever you wish within three months after the visa has been granted. You will be eligible to stay in Australia for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of entry. You are allowed to leave and return to Australia any time within the 12 months. You also have the option of studying in the country for four months or taking up temporary employment during this period. However, you can not work for one employer for more than six months.

It is not impossible to get an Australian work visa. If you have the time and patience to fill out the required paperwork, you can get the chance to fulfill your dream of working in the land down under.