The Australian Citizenship Test: Common Q&A

Citizenship Test Common Q&APreparing for the Australian citizenship test can be a long process. It involves getting to know all the practical steps and study format required to pass the test. If you’re a fresh applicant hoping to be a citizen by registration pretty soon, you probably have a few questions about the citizenship test process.

We have picked up almost every question we get asked a lot of times and narrowed down everything you need to know in this article.

This common Q&A guide explains to the detail, answers to most of the frequently asked questions regarding the Australian citizenship test.

Q. How do I register for the test?
A. First, you need to schedule an interview with the home affairs office. The Department of Home Affairs will send you an appointment letter with details of when to make an appearance for the interview if you meet all requirements.
If you have children who have applied to acquire the citizenship status under you, they’re exempted from attending the appointment. The appointment is usually held at any of the department’s offices across major cities in Australia.

Q. What’s the pass mark for the test?
A. The current pass mark stands at 75 percent. Out of the 20 questions, you need to score 15 or above to meet the cut-off points. You are required to show a basic level of familiarity with the English language and have extensive knowledge about Australia’s history.

Q. Can I reschedule the test?
A. You can reschedule your test if the need arises. There are instructions laid out in the letter of appointment which describe the right procedure to follow if you want to reschedule your test. You just need to give out valid reasons why you will be unable sit for the test as scheduled after your interview.

Q. What happens when I pass the test?
A. The Department of Home Affairs will send official communication to the candidate using the address submitted on your application. You will be notified if your application gets approved, and receive a letter of invitation to the ceremony. Usually, the ceremony is done within 6 months after you’ve passed the test.
You must attend the ceremony and bring an identity verification document to be awarded a citizenship certificate.

Q. What if I fail the test?
A. If you fail the citizenship test, you still have an option to do a retake. You can choose to resit the test as soon as the results are out on the same day or request a reservation at a later date when you’re well prepared. There are no charges for a retake and failing the test doesn’t limit any privileges on your visa or residency status.

Q. What are some of the acceptable reasons for missing the test?
A. There’s no precise reason that fits in all situations. You can be excused if you’re indisposed, held up with work, or taking care of your elderly parents. Although not mandatory, it is recommended and a little more professional to back up your reason with eligible documentation that proves the cause for not attending the test.

Q. What’s the age requirement for applicants who are mandated to sit the test?
A. The candidate needs to be between 18 and 59 years of age. You must have lived in Australia for 4 years and be a permanent resident within the last 12 months. To confirm that you’re eligible to sit for the test, you will be required to produce a valid document that can be used to verify your identity.

Q. Who is exempted from taking the test?
A. Any applicant who is below 18 years or above 59 years of age is not required to sit for the test. Applicants who are 16 or 17 years below and those above 60 years are only required to attend the interview but are exempted from sitting for the test.

Q. What’s the timeframe for the test?
A. You will be required to finish the test within 45 minutes. If you have any special needs, you can use your application to appeal for extra time and technical assistance during the test. You can also seek help from the staff if your computer skills are evidently below average.

Q. How many questions are on the test?
A. There are usually 20 questions on the test. You will need to score 15 of those questions correctly to achieve the 75 percent pass mark.

Q. Which documents should I bring to the test?
A. You need to carry an original application document such as your letter of appointment, a passport-sized photo, your permanent residency visa, and the birth certificate.

Q. How should I study for the test?
A. First, you need to download the Our Common Bond guidebook to get a hint of all the testable areas and sketch a timetable for your study sessions. An applicant also has to demonstrate basic knowledge of English to pass the test.