Australian values

Mind Map - Part 4

1         Our values

1.1         One of the primary values in Australia is a commitment to the rule of law

1.2         Every Australian is equal under the law and nobody is exempt from obeying it

1.3         The government takes its power from the Australian people and their vote, and may be replaced by the people in elections if they choose

1.4         Every Australian has the right to freedom of speech provided they do not break the law

1.5         All Australians have the right to participate in peaceful protests against the government if they wish, provided they remain within the law

1.6         freedom of speech cannot be used to advocate violence against other people or groups

1.7         Every citizen must respect every other citizen’s right to freedom of speech and expression within the law

1.8         Every Australian citizen also enjoys the right to freedom of association

1.9         There is no official Australian national religion and Australians have the freedom to align themselves with any religion or none

1.10    There is no legal standing for religious law in Australia

1.11    Australia refuses to accept religious intolerance and believes that every person should enjoy equality no matter what  


2         Equality of all people under the law

2.1         Australia believes that all citizens have the same rights

2.2         In Australia, men and women enjoy equal rights and should be given the same opportunities in employment and other areas

2.3         All Australians have the right to make their own decisions regarding their personal life

2.4         Australian law allows for divorce, which may be applied for by people of either gender


3         Equality of opportunity and a ‘fair go’

3.1         It is a fundamental part of Australian society that everybody deserves a “fair go”,


4         Mutual respect and tolerance for others

4.1         Every Australian has to share respect for the opinions, choices, freedom and dignity of their fellow citizens

4.2         The age of sexual consent in Australia is 16 or 17 (it varies from state to state)

4.3         Australian citizen are expected to support all legal actions taken by the police

4.4         Australia rejects racism in all its forms


5         Our community

5.1         Being an Australian citizen has responsibilities as well as privileges

5.2         Every Australian is expected to support themselves and their families to the best of their ability

5.3         “Mateship” is a very important value for Australians: it means looking after those who need help

5.4         The national language of Australia is English, and it is highly valued in the country

5.5         Every Australian has responsibility to help keep Australian society safe

5.6         If you believe that a child is suffering from abuse, you should report this to the police

5.7         Australians can hold dual citizenship, i.e., they can retain their citizenship of another country if that is legal within that of the country

5.8         All Australians have a duty to uphold the security of Australia and the country’s interests