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Pass your Australia citizenship test with flying colors. Free practice test that is just like the real thing.

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Online Resource for Australia Citizenship Test

Familiarise yourself with the final Australian citizenship test structure and rules to improve your chances of getting through with our learning resources and practice tests.

Up-To-Date Resource Book

The Australian Government frequently revises and updates the test knowledge requirements. We use the most updated official Australian citizenship study guide in crafting our practice test questions. You should not expect to face an unfamiliar set of questions on the day of the test.

Practice Test with Real Citizenship Questions

No nasty surprises at the test centre. Our practice questions and answers follow a similar Multi-choice and True/False format as the real Australian citizenship test. All testable materials reflect the requirements outlined in Our Common Bond book.

Efficient Preparation

Study your material, take practice tests, and receive immediate feedback. We give detailed answers to each question. Learning this way is faster and more effective than relying on a study guide.

Boost Confidence before Test Day

If you take many practice tests and pass several of them, you can walk into the test room feeling calm and confident.

The Faster Way to Study for Your Australian Citizenship Test

Getting ready for your citizenship test doesn’t have to be intimidating. We have streamlined the preparation process to help you nail the official test on your first attempt. You can boost your chances of acing the test and cementing your Australian citizenship with our free practice tests and answers.

What we offer you

Use this free practice test to help you study and prepare for the Australian citizenship test while answering our carefully created questions.

  • Like the real test
  • All questions are taken from the official Our Common Bond book issued by the Australian Government.
  • Take this free citizenship test to check how well-prepared you are for the real test.
  • Take one practice test or seven. They’re all FREE!

Why Choose

We are offering a free practice test to help you get ready for the Australian Citizenship test. The test consists of 7 separate sections, and each section has 20 to 30 questions. The questions vary in difficulty. It is important to note that this is not the actual Australian Citizenship test, but the questions are designed to help you build your knowledge and efficiently prepare for the real test. To become an Australian citizen, passing this test is mandatory.

Instant feedback

With, you won’t have to wait around for long for feedback after each test. Whether you take simulation tests or testable question sets in sections, you will always get an immediate response.

More detailed explanations

Study with us to practice, learn, and master how to answer the questions encountered at a test centre. Our comprehensive answering approach will help you tackle any question regardless of how the examiner may phrase it.

Proven results

Taking several practice tests on a platform like is one of the most effective ways to get prepped for the test. Research shows candidates who take practice questions have a high chance of passing their final exam the first time. But whether it is your first or second attempt, our helpful online resources can swing the odds of success in your favour.

Practice leads to improvement

When you practice something several times, you set yourself on the path of continuous improvement and becoming proficient. Our free practice tests can make a notable difference in how well you retain information and apply it when answering questions. The carefully created questions can help pinpoint your weak or challenging areas that require more attention. You will step into the citizenship test room ready to excel.

Australian Citizenship Test Preparation Course

If your dream is to become an Australian citizen, it is worth taking advantage of our test preparation course. In this course, we provide the necessary information, learning materials, and practical tips to ace the Australian citizenship test and become a bonafide Aussie.

Who needs this course?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their chances of passing the Australian citizenship test
  • Candidates preparing for the Australian citizenship exam
  • People interested in expanding their knowledge about Australian traditions, symbols, history, and more

Australian Citizenship Test Preparation CourseCourse highlights

The course features:

a) Australian citizenship test eligibility criteria

Find out if you qualify to take the test and save time and resources. The course explains the requirements you must meet to be considered for the test and the steps to follow to realise your dream.

b) 4 sections with testable material

The sections are:

  • Australian values
  • Australia and its people
  • Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties
  • Government and the law in Australia

In total, you will find 31 short videos in these sections. Each video has a set of carefully crafted questions taken from the official resource book Australian Citizenship – Our Common Bond.

What do you need to start the citizenship test course?

Fortunately, there are no prerequisite requirements for taking this course. It is open to anyone interested in passing their Australian citizenship. It doesn’t matter if it is your first or second try. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access to get started.